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Flood Insurance

During the Great Flood of 1993, the Mississippi River climbed half-way up the grand staircase of the Gateway Arch to its highest level recorded in the city of St. Louis.
David Kovaluk | St. Louis Public Radio

Twenty-five years ago, on Aug. 1, 1993, the Mississippi River crested in the city of St. Louis at the highest level ever recorded — 49.58 feet. By the time the water retreated, the Mississippi and Missouri rivers had topped or burst levees in nine states, killed 50 people and caused $15 billion in damage. Residents can still feel the impact of the watershed disaster a quarter of a century later.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Sept. 6, 2011 - WASHINGTON - Maps, money and subsidies are the major issues in the debate over renewing the nation's troubled flood insurance program, which is inundated by $18 billion in red ink and needs congressional action by month's end to stay afloat.