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Health Care Costs

Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University joins Wednesday's program.
Evie Hemphill | St. Louis Public Radio

Much of the conversation about contemporary American health care revolves around money more than actual medicine. But given the crushing costs associated with seemingly every aspect of the industry, that focus isn’t so surprising.

As Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University notes in his newly published book, “The Price We Pay: What Broke American Healthcare — And How To Fix It,” one in five Americans currently has medical debt in collections.

On Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air, Makary joined host Sarah Fenske to talk about his research into why costs are skyrocketing — and what can be done to redesign the broken U.S. health care system.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, May 9, 2013 - The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has released hospital data on average Medicare charges and payments for the 100 most common procedures and treatments. The data show wide variation in hospital billing across the nation, Missouri and the St. Louis area.