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Jack Dorsey (left) and Bill Pulte look on as demolition work begins in the Wells Goodfellow neighborhood of St. Louis on July19, 2019.
Nicolas Telep | St. Louis Public Radio

There are 7,000 vacant buildings and more than 10,000 vacant lots in St. Louis. Many of the structures are beyond repair, so the demolition of 30 vacant structures will only put a small dent in the blight problem.

The St. Louis Blight Authority is the organization behind a project to clear a four-block area in the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood. The organizers believe the initiative could be just the beginning of a more far-reaching program.

Square plans to hire engineers at its St. Louis office

Oct 18, 2018
Square launches new payment processing device.
Square Inc.

Square, the startup that revolutionized credit card payments for small businesses, plans to start adding engineers to its workforce in St. Louis. The company this year pledged to create 300 jobs here over the next five years.

Founded by St. Louis natives Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey in 2009, the San Francisco-based company launched the latest version of its credit card and mobile payment processing system, called Square Terminal, on Thursday.

Jim McKelvey, Co-founder, Square
Scott Pham|KBIA

It has been a big year for an emerging technology company with St. Louis roots.

Square went public on the New York Stock Exchange a few weeks ago. It also opened a St. Louis office, which is expected to employ more than 200 in five years.

(Courtesy of Square)

With Twitter making its New York Stock Exchange debut today we're highlighting its co-founder's perspective on the company's value in true Twitter fashion.

Here, in 140 seconds, St. Louis native Jack Dorsey shares his thoughts about what makes his company worth $26 per share - and worth using for its millions of tweeters. 

Startup owners discuss challenges of life in the Lou

Aug 30, 2013
Pete Wissinger, Whisk
David Baugher | St. Louis Beacon | 2013

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: Pete Wissinger admits he was “scared to death” when he saw a letter from the government informing him and his wife Kaylen that they had neglected to pay a special city tax on their new bakery business. They wondered how serious the problem was. Then they did the math.

They owed a dollar.

(Courtesy Square Inc.)

One of the hurdles small businesses face is the potential loss of a sale if they don't have the infrastructure in place to accept credit card and debit card payments.

St. Louis native Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square Inc., a mobile payments device company, makes that hurdle easier to jump but he says the company has more to offer than concrete tools of the trade.

Former President Bill Clinton gestures as he explains a point to hundreds of students at this year's Clinton Global Initiative on the campus of Washington University.
Jerry Naunheim Jr. I WUSTL Photos

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: Former President Bill Clinton received a fascinating hypothetical question near the tail end of the Clinton Global Initiative University.

A college student asked the 42nd president whether he would prefer to serve eight more years as leader of the free world or to complete 16 goals of the Clinton Global Initiative. While Clinton is constitutionally barred from being president again, he indicated he wouldn’t seek the office again even if it were possible.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: If tech-savvy individuals want to engage in a cringe-worthy exercise, have them download a full archive of their Tweets.

The results aren’t pretty. When this writer joined Twitter back in April 2008, the first Tweet I hurled through cyberspace was: “This confuses me.” The second missive issued just two hours later – “Things” – probably wouldn’t qualify as a literary marvel, either.

Former President Bill Clinton chats with volunteers at Gateway STEM High School in St. Louis.
Jason Rosenbaum | St. Louis Beacon | 2013

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: Washington University is hosting the Clinton Global Initiative University this weekend, an event that's expected to bring nearly a thousand students from all over the world to the private institution.

The event is aimed at bringing some of the world’s most prominent thinkers together with hundreds of college students from around the country. Besides Bill and Chelsea Clinton, the weekend's guest roster includes Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith. Comedian Stephen Colbert will interview Bill Clinton on Saturday.

Using technology to take care of business

Jun 21, 2011

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, June 21, 2011 - After reading a Tweet on PiStL's Twitter account about a customer driving two hours to meet the Pi pizza truck in Washington, D.C., Pi owner Chris Sommers wanted his staff to buy her lunch. To do this, Sommers had to pull up the customer's profile picture on Twitter to share with his D.C. staff so that they could identify her by the time she arrived.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Oct. 1, 2010 - Missouri state, local and congressional candidates are taking a rest today after a frenzied week of fund-raising that literally ended at midnight Thursday.

Facebook, Twitter, text messages and e-mail accounts were filled -- especially Thursday night -- with last-minute appeals for campaign cash.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Dec. 2, 2009 - It’s hard to question the business acumen of Jack Dorsey, the St. Louis native and co-founder of Twitter. His microblogging service has proven to be uber-popular, and his latest venture -– a mobile phone payment service -– was unveiled yesterday to considerable fanfare.

But as Dorsey would admit, you’re only as good as your last tech startup. So I asked several people who are familiar with the high-tech world to evaluate Dorsey’s latest project, called Square, as if it were coming from an unproven entrepreneur, rather than from the mastermind of a sought-after company.

Jack Dorsey -- in 140 characters or less

Sep 18, 2009

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Sept. 18, 2009 - Jack Dorsey, the St. Louis native who co-founded Twitter, is a social media man of the moment. His microblogging service has attracted millions of users who share spits of information in 140 characters or less and track hot topics mentioned by other tweeters.

Dorsey just last year assumed the role of chairman of Twitter. And already he's taking on another challenge: a start-up company that he said will adhere to the ideas that made Twitter popular -- immediacy, transparency and approachability.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon Sept. 2, 2009 - Twitter co-founder and chairman Jack Dorsey has more than 1.1 million people following his every tweet. But how many people can say they’ve seen the master of microblogging in person?