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Jim Murphy

St. Louis sheriff candidates compete for open seat

Jul 18, 2016
Left to right. Top, Vernon Betts, Joe Vaccaro, Charley "Big Will" Williams, Bottom: Johnnie M. Chester, Jimmie Matthews
Liz Schlemmer and provided photos

Several candidates are vying to replace long-time St. Louis Sheriff Jim Murphy, who is retiring after holding the office since 1989.

The St. Louis sheriff's office is responsible for the security of the 31 courtrooms of the Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit Court. The office also serves court papers and eviction notices.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: August 6, 2008 - Unless you spent the last month patrolling the Bering Sea with the Russian submarine service, you've no doubt heard about the towing company scandal involving the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Though there's probably fire beneath all the smoke, this case doesn't quite measure up when compared to classic and current reports of big-city police corruption elsewhere.