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Leadership Council of Southwestern Illinois

Andrew Mueth tends to a head of lettuce in VAST Produce's greenhouse in Waterloo on June 26. VAST won the 2018 Metro East Start-Up Challenge.
Eric Schmid | St. Louis Public Radio

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Small Business Development Center wants to grow Metro East startups focused on information technology, health care, manufacturing or sustainable food. Part of their plan includes the Metro East Start-Up Challenge, which is entering its sixth year and now accepting applications.

U.S. Steel continues to ramp up production at Granite City Works following an idling that lasted for a couple of years.
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Stakeholders on both sides of the Mississippi River are ramping up recruitment efforts due to a shortage of workers pursuing careers in construction. In the Metro East, those recruitment efforts also include manufacturing.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon, Feb. 26, 2012 - WASHINGTON — Responding to local concerns about potentially costly delays, lawmakers on Capitol Hill want action by the Army Corps of Engineers to speed the process of approving the $160 million project to bolster Metro East levees.

“With hundreds of thousands of residents and businesses depending on these upgrades, the Army Corps of Engineers should be helping this effort, not standing in the way,” U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said Friday in a statement.