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Portfolio of Missouri Technology Corporation

If you throw a rock in the St. Louis startup ecosystem, you’ll likely hit a company that’s gotten some of its investment funds from the Missouri Technology Corporation.

The Missouri General Assembly established the public-private partnership in 1994 to promote entrepreneurism and grow high-tech companies. MTC has co-invested about $35 million in nearly 100 startups since 2011, many of them based in St. Louis.

That investment may dry up soon.

LockerDome Logo

A St. Louis-based social media technology company is moving into a much larger space as it prepares to add 300 jobs over the next five years.

LockerDome's headquarters will remain downtown on Washington Avenue, but plans to be in the new space by the end of next year. It will be 18,000 square feet as opposed to the company's current 6,800 square-foot office.

This article first appeared in the St. Louis Beacon: It’s an experience Gabe Lozano knows well.

“You and I have probably met tons of guys who have the billion-dollar idea,” said Lozano, a local entrepreneur and founder of LockerDome, a sports-oriented social media platform. “Most people never get past an idea to an actual product. That’s the part of the ecosystem we want to impact.”