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MMA Fighter

A video still of boxer Debra Rush from Nanette Boileau's video exhibit, "American Dreamers: Un-Alienable Rights."
Nanette Boileau

Video artist Nanette Boileau grew up in Rock Hill, Missouri, entertained by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. That fascination led her to incorporate the UFC in her Ph.D. and inspired her to take a contemporary look at St. Louis athletes pursuing their dreams as fighters. 

Her ongoing exhibit “American Dreamers: Unalienable Rights” brings together three people dreaming of sports glory: a professional wrestler, a female boxer and a mixed martial arts fighter. In a series of intense videos, the gallery – held at the William and Florence Schmidt Art Center in Belleville, Illinois – allows the viewer to feel like they’re stepping into the ring with these athletes. 

Attorney and professional fighter Derik Scott competed in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's NBC show "Titan Games."
Provided by Derik Scott/NBC

Last month, NBC premiered Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s show “Titan Games,” a reality television program where men and women compete in emotional and daunting physical challenges. Tonight, the semi-finalists compete and inch one step closer to the final prize –among them is native St. Louisan Derik Scott.

The 30-year-old attorney joined host Don Marsh on Thursday’s St. Louis on the Air to talk about his participation in the athletic competition. Scott is a trained Mixed Martial Arts fighter who’s also set Guinness World Records alongside his brothers, such as setting a record for the most backflips on a Swiss ball between two people in one minute.

That kind of record caught the attention of the “Titan Games” producers, who reached out to Scott and asked him to be on the show.