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Grandmaster Mauricio Flores authored the book "Chess Structures, A Grandmaster Guide."
Luciana Morales | Creative Commons

Like many other titled chess players, I have had the opportunity to be a long-term coach for many young talents. Shaping a new generation of players is an honor and an important responsibility.

Hence, I am often searching for ways to communicate complex ideas in the simplest possible form.

My views are certainly influenced by my academic background. I recently completed my Ph.D. in applied mathematics, and I have spent the last five years teaching college mathematics, reading scientific papers and conducting my own academic research.

On Chess: Stereotypes and blundering badly

Dec 6, 2018
St. Louis grandmaster Fabiano Caruana, right, fell to Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen in the World Chess Championships in November 2018.
Eric Rosen

November 2018 was truly a golden month for chess.

It was the culmination St. Louis grandmaster Fabiano "Fabi" Caruana’s two-year campaign to unseat world champion Magnus Carlsen. The 12-game match played in London grew in intensity with each successive drawn game.

As the match moved to its latter stages, the risk of losing a single game caused the players to be as careful as possible with their decisions.