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Stop the Bleed

Kits Could Help Kids Survive Life-Threatening Injury

Sep 10, 2019
STOP the Bleed is a national campaign to equip bystanders to intervene when someone has suffered a life-threatening trauma.
Florida Department of Health

Over the summer, public schools across Illinois received kits designed to help staff members respond in the event of life-threatening injuries. Each kit contains Nitrile gloves, a MicroShield mask, QuikClot bandages, and a tourniquet — just enough supplies to help save one person from bleeding to death. Schools can receive up to five more free kits if they train more staff on a curriculum called STOP the Bleed

Mary Connelly, director of the state's medical emergency response team and a former emergency room nurse, says it’s the training that really helps. 

She compares this training to the Heimlich maneuver — a lifesaving technique that almost anyone can easily learn.