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Winter Chess Classic

Emilio Cordova (left) won the B Group of the Winter Chess Classic, and Jeffery Xiong won the A group. November 2019
Austin Fuller & Crystal Fuller | St. Louis Chess Club

The St. Louis Chess Club has made it a tradition to organize four strong round-robin invitational events throughout the year — one for each season. The purpose of these events is to give the opportunity for talented American titled players to gain experience battling it out against players of similar or higher levels. They can improve their game while also potentially winning a prize fund of over $30,000 among the two events. The Winter Chess Classic was the final event, rounding out the quarterly strong series of 2019. It was, by far, one of the most exciting events this year, allowing for some records to be achieved over the board as well as during the live commentary show.

Ray Robson has competed in the last 10 U.S. Chess Championships.
Austin Fuller | Saint Louis Chess Club

Talented chess players from all around the world will converge on St. Louis once again next week as the Saint Louis Chess Club concludes its fourth and final seasonal Chess Classic for the year.

The 2018 Winter Chess Classic will feature a strong field of 20 competitors including grandmasters and international masters from 11 different countries.