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Emanuele Berry is a 2012 graduate of Michigan State University and has been working as a talk show producer at WKAR Public Radio in Lansing since January 2013. Emanuele interned at National Public Radio, where she worked at the Arts and Information Desk. Her work has been recognized by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Radio Television Digital News Association and the Hearst Journalism Awards Program.

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Issues Not Resolved
11:12 am
Fri October 17, 2014

Mayor Slay Meets With Protestors

Protesters file through metal detectors at City Hall in St. Louis, during a day of demonstrations for the Ferguson October weekend.
Credit Jason Rosenbaum | St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay met Thursday with youth activist leaders to address a set of demands presented to him on Monday, when protestors stormed city hall.

The demands include a civilian review board for police and independent reviews for officer shootings resulting in fatalities. Protestors also want all city police to be equipped with body cameras, and for police to give up any military equipment acquired through the Pentagon's 1033 program.

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Beyond Ferguson
7:03 am
Wed October 15, 2014

Justice For Michael Brown: An Expanding Definition

Brittany Ferrell of Millennial Activists United. Her organization helped coordinator activities during Ferguson October.
Credit Emanuele Berry | St. Louis Public Radio

Since Michael Brown’s death one has heard a consistent cry for justice. For many protesters, that justice means the indictment of Officer Darren Wilson, who shot the unarmed 18 year old. That case is before the grand jury. But an indictment is not the only definition of justice, as sought by those who have been demonstrating.

Justice Beyond Indictment

Brittany Ferrell loves nursing.

“Having the ability to touch someone’s life whether they just came into this world, or they are exiting this world, that means a lot to me.”

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Ferguson October
3:15 am
Sat October 11, 2014

First Day Of FergusonOctober Protest Is Peaceful

A crowd marches through the streets of Clayton.
Credit Rebecca Smith| St. Louis Public Radio

Onlookers watched from tall office buildings as about 300 rain soaked protesters marched through Clayton Friday afternoon.

The event marked the start of Ferguson October, a series of rallies, marches, and educational events that will run through Monday. Organizers hope this weekend’s events will build momentum for a nationwide movement against police violence and will keep focus on Michael Brown's shooting.

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Weekend of Resistance
4:59 pm
Thu October 9, 2014

Planners Hope 'Ferguson October' Promotes Social Change

Marches in Ferguson, such as this one, on Aug. 15, have happened frequently. This weekend, the marches or rallies are planned in Clayton and St. Louis.
Credit Durrie Bouscaren I St. Louis Public Radio / St. Louis Public Radio

Durham, Cleveland, Portland and New York: These are just some of the cities from which people are traveling to St. Louis this weekend for "Ferguson October" — a series of events, including marches, rallies and educational sessions.

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Economy & Innovation
5:09 pm
Wed October 8, 2014

Community Relations Group Works To Find Common Ground On Ferguson Issues

A new group outlines its goals of coordinating ideas and initiatives.
Credit Emanuele Berry

A handful community leaders publicly introduced the “Joint Community Relations Group” at Greater St. Mark Family Church on Wednesday. The people involved have been meeting privately during the past several weeks to discuss “strategies and tactics” to deal with the issues surrounding Ferguson.

The group consists of more than 50 politicians, police officials, clergy and activists.

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Mending Ferguson
10:33 pm
Tue October 7, 2014

Ferguson Town Hall Fosters Conversation On Race And Diversity

Ferguson residents wait to enter Wellspring Church for the first town hall meeting in September. That night Ferguson officials discussed misconceptions about the community.
Credit Emanuele Berry|St. Louis Public Radio

Diversity and racial tension were the focus Tuesday evening at Ferguson’s third town hall meeting.

Ferguson resident Darci Knowles, who is related to the town's mayor by marriage, said those in attendance participated in small group activities where residents were asked to discuss stereotypes in Ferguson, white privilege and ongoing commitments to racial relations. Knowles, who is white, said the tone of the discussion was not contentious.

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Community Dialouge
11:43 pm
Tue September 30, 2014

Ferguson Residents Embrace Dialogue At Town Hall Meetings

Ferguson residents wait in line at First Baptist Church Ferguson.
Credit Emanuele Berry|St. Louis Public Radio

At Ferguson's second town hall meetings Tuesday evening, the issue was communication between Ferguson residents and leaders.

Chris LaPorta, a resident who attended the meeting, said afterward that those in attendance discussed how the city shares information with the community.

“Many of the folks have said they don’t have Twitter, they don’t have Facebook and they really need some other way to get their information,” LaPorta said.

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7:21 pm
Sun September 28, 2014

California Group Gives Ferguson Residents Cameras To Monitor Police

Jacob Crawford, an organizer for "We Copwatch," is currently working in Ferguson.
Credit Emanuele Berry | St. Louis Public Radio

The California-based group “We Copwatch” has raised more than $7,000 to purchase small video cameras. The group donated the cameras to residents of Canfield Green, the apartment complex where Michael Brown was shot.

So far, they have distributed about 100 cameras to monitor police and ensure accountability. They plan to pass out another hundred cameras early next week.

Jacob Crawford is an organizer with “We Copwatch.” He’s staying in Ferguson helping train residents on how to effectively use their cameras. He says monitoring cops is an act of defense.

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No StreetFest
2:49 pm
Fri September 26, 2014

Ferguson Farmers Market Canceled This Weekend

At the Ferguson Farmers Market a couple weeks ago.
Credit Tim Lloyd / St. Louis Public Radio

 Update 4:53 PM: Ferguson officials have confirmed that the Ferguson Farmers Market  has been canceled for Saturday due public safety concerns.

The Ferguson Farmers Market has been canceled this weekend. Market manager Marveena Miller said the market will be closed, because StreetFest was canceled.

StreetFest is an annual Ferguson event that had been scheduled for this weekend. City officials decided earlier this week to postpone the festival.

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Beyond Ferguson
12:43 am
Thu September 25, 2014

Justice Department Gets Earful From Public About Problems With Police

Representatives of the Department of Justice met with the public at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley.
Credit Emanuele Berry | St. Louis Public Radio

Representatives from the civil rights division of the U.S. Justice Department told an audience of about 200 people Wednesday night that their inquiry into the practices of the Ferguson Police Department, including officer training, patterns of arrest, stops and the use of force, would take time.

But, said the division's Christy Lopez, the department has already started making changes.

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