R.W. Hafer

Rik Hafer is a distinguished research professor in the Department of Economics and Finance at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and a scholar at the Show-Me Institute.

Economy & Innovation
9:42 pm
Mon March 3, 2014

Commentary: Working Women Explain Much Of The Change Since 1960 In Income Distribution

More women are graduating from college and getting high-paying jobs.
Credit Marinela

Income inequality in the United States is a hot-button political issue in this mid-term election year. Advocates for substantial increases in the minimum wage, for instance, believe that imposing higher wages on employers will reduce poverty and lessen income inequality. The evidence just does not justify this claim. Workers who remain employed after the increase are made better off on the backs of those workers who face reduced hours or unemployment following government-mandated wage hikes.

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10:23 am
Wed January 29, 2014

Commentary: Capitalism Is Not Causing The Crisis

Capitalism gives consumers choices.
Credit linder6580 | sxc.hu

“Capitalism is the crisis.” So read a banner hung off of an overpass on eastbound Interstate 44 heading toward downtown St. Louis. But what did it mean?

Capitalism is characterized by private as opposed to government ownership of the capital used in the production and distribution of goods. This is done in the pursuit of profit.

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9:06 pm
Sun December 29, 2013

Commentary: Temper The Economic Optimism For 2014

Credit dleafy | sxc.hu

The end of the year is always a time to take stock of what has transpired during the past year and what is likely to happen in the one about to begin.  Let’s do so by considering several key economic measures.

Economic expansion limped along for another year.  Gross Domestic Product (GDP), adjusted for inflation, is the best measure of the economy’s total output. It increased this year, but not nearly as fast as many would hope, especially three years out form the end of the Great Recession.

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Message to A-B fanatics: We're in a world economy
11:00 pm
Tue June 17, 2008

Message to A-B fanatics: We're in a world economy

possible takeover of Anheuser Busch by the Belgian brewer InBev has
sparked the predictable political outcry.

Claire McCaskill, the
junior yet up-and-coming Democratic senator from Missouri, announced
that she would block the takeover. Supporting the deal wouldn’t
be “patriotic.” 

The senior senator from Missouri, Kit Bond,
also is flat out against the deal. From our nation’s capital
to Jefferson City to city hall, politicians are lining up to keep
the Belgians from the brewery gates on Pestalozzi.

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