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B-52’s Fred Schneider Performs With Gateway Men’s Chorus

Mar 15, 2013

The Gateway Men’s Chorus came up with the name “Bad Boys” before B -52’s frontman Fred Schneider was onboard for this weekend’s performances.

According to Al Fischer, artistic director of GMC, Bad Boys is about “guys with attitude, guys with something to say, who don’t care what people think about them.”

The Gateway Men's Chorus' mission is to affirm and promote gay culture and acceptance through excellence in musical performance and education.

Host Steve Potter spoke with Fischer and Schneider in advance of their performance on Friday and Saturday, 8:00 p.m. at the 560 Music Center – Washington University.

The flamboyant show will include several well-known B-52’s songs including Love Shack and Planet Claire.

Schneider and the Chorus will also perform Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode, Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach, and Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors.

Never Before

Fred Schneider says he’s never done a performance like what’s planned with the GMC.

“This is the first time,” he said.  “I have a friend from Atlanta who moved here and he works for the chorus and he’s in the opera.  He asked me and I thought about it.”

How Schneider Got Started in 1976

“I only met Cindy (Wilson) that Halloween and then a couple of days later, we had drinks at a Chinese restaurant and then went over to a friend’s house and he had a little set-up in his basement and we jammed on a song called Killer Bees, because killer bees had escaped in Brazil, so we had a disaster song.”

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