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Biden campaigns in Missouri's capital city

Jefferson City, MO –

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden paid a visit to Missouri's capital city Thursday night.

Jefferson City was the third stop for Biden in Missouri yesterday. He told an enthusiastic crowd of supporters that if elected, he and presidential nominee Barack Obama would address the current economic crisis head-on.

"We're (going to) make it easier for people to stay in their homes...we're (going to) change the bankruptcy laws and allow judges to reduce not only the interest rate, but the actual amount of money you owe to the bank, the principal," Biden said.

He also told the audience of several hundred that he and Obama would provide affordable health insurance to Americans and would work hard to reduce unemployment.

"Our plan, from refurbishing the infrastructure to energy to education to tax cuts to health care, they all focus on one thing: Jobs. Jobs! Creating jobs...keeping jobs here in America...making sure people have the skills, the skills to fill those good jobs," Biden said.

Biden also promised the crowd that Obama would lower taxes for 95 percent of the U.S. population. And he said they would keep their promise to end the war in Iraq in a responsible manner.

Biden also made campaign stops Thursday in St. Joseph and Liberty.

He concludes his swing through Missouri today with a rally in Springfield at 11:30AM.