Big Money Basketball: How Mizzou, SLU Would Fare If Money Won Games

Mar 22, 2013

The day after is an interesting place to be. Mizzou Tigers basketball fans are still licking their wounds over last night's loss to Colorado State and the Saint Louis University Billikens are still basking in their victory over New Mexico State. Meanwhile, The New Yorker has a different take on another player in the game: money.

A screen capture of The New Yorker's graphic which breaks down how the men's basketball expenditures and revenues stack up for teams in the 2013 NCAA Championship Tournament. Interact with the full graphic on their site at
Credit (The New Yorker/Screen Capture)

Would things have been different yesterday if university spending on men's basketball alone was the deciding factor for victory?

Just for fun, here's how Missouri's two teams in the tournament would have fared in the money game against their competitors according to The New Yorker's infographic:

Mizzou v. Colorado State 

  • Actual Victor: Colorado State
  • Mizzou Men's Basketball Expenditures: $6,122,025
  • Colorado State Men's Basketball Expenditures: $2,425,345
  • Expenditure Difference: $3,696,680
  • Money Victor: Mizzou 

​SLU v. New Mexico State

  • Actual Victor: SLU
  • SLU Men's Basketball Expenditures: $3,101,169
  • New Mexico State Men's Basketball Expenditures: $2,534,542
  • Expenditure Difference: $566,627
  • Money Victor: SLU

​For Mizzou, it certainly was not a case of "you get what you pay for" last night, but the Billikens stayed true to financial form. And SLU's chances in their next game against Oregon on Saturday?

Money favors the Ducks by $2,796,622.

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