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Blunt email settlement approved by Cole County judge

Jefferson City, MO – Cole County Judge Richard Callahan has officially approved the settlement of a lawsuit by Attorney General Jay Nixon against Missouri Governor Matt Blunt over access to deleted emails.

In order to settle the suit, the Governor's Office last month agreed to provide copies of emails, free of charge, to two special investigators working with the Attorney General's office.

Joseph Maxwell is one of those investigators.

"We have at this time not found any type of criminal action or anything, any other wrongdoing, but we haven't gone through all the documents yet," Maxwell said.

Maxwell added that it's possible that other attorneys could find evidence of wrongdoing and file additional civil suits or criminal action against the outgoing governor.

"If there is any action in there that needs to be brought, anyone can take it to the local prosecutor, that's how it works...and if there's any other action, then that prosecutor can bring that action...if they do, this settlement does not prevent any future prosecutor from doing their job," Maxwell said.

In a written statement, Blunt Press Secretary Jessica Robinson said that Nixon's email team failed to show any evidence that the governor was not in compliance with the Sunshine Law, or that his office directed the destruction of email backup tapes.