Campaign aims to reduce summer traffic deaths | St. Louis Public Radio

Campaign aims to reduce summer traffic deaths

Jefferson City, MO – Authorities in Missouri are stepping up efforts to reduce traffic deaths this summer.

For the next 70 days, starting July 1st, the Missouri State Highway Patrol and local law enforcement will be forming High Enforcement Action Teams, or HEAT as the public service campaign calls them, to catch offenders.

Lt. Colonel Richard Coffey is Assistant Superintendent of the Highway Patrol.

"Our officers are going to be looking to insure that you are obeying the speed limit, to insure that if you are intoxicated, we are going to arrest you, to make sure that if you are stopped for some reason that you're wearing your seat belt," Coffey said.

Coffey also says July, August and September have been the deadliest months in recent years.

More than 250 people were killed on Missouri roads during that period last year, and over 1800 suffered serious injuries.