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Carnahan, Montee, being sued in federal court

Jefferson City, Mo. – A group that opposes abortion and a type of stem cell research they consider to be human cloning has filed a federal lawsuit against Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and State Auditor Susan Montee.

Missouri Roundtable for Life accuses Carnahan of using language in their ballot questions designed to prejudice voters against their initiatives, and accuses Montee of drafting financial impact statements that are also designed to have a negative impact.

Laura Egerdal is Director of Communications for Carnahan.

"Our office authors ballot summary language so that the people of Missouri can clearly understand what it is that they're voting on, and we're confident that the court will find that in this case," Egerdal said.

The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in St. Louis.

"Previously, on (the) state level, the circuit court found that our ballot summary language has been fair and sufficient, and that there was no merit to these claims, and we're confident that the same will be found in this lawsuit," Egerdal said.

A spokesperson for the State Auditor's office declined comment, and Missouri Roundtable for Life has yet to provide St. Louis Public Radio with an interview.