Carnahan says Cochran VA is improving | St. Louis Public Radio

Carnahan says Cochran VA is improving

Aug 31, 2011

Missouri Congressman Russ Carnahan says the troubled John Cochran VA Medical Center in St. Louis is showing signs of improvement. He points to recent studies and surveys that show the facility's patients are more satisfied with their care.

Carnahan has been critical of problems at the facility over the past year, but now says administrators are turning things around.

"In terms of their focus on customer service, in terms of major investments for some state of the art facilities, in terms of better sterilization, but also in terms of training their employees, we think they've made some very important improvements," said Carnahan during a press conference Tues. afternoon.

Carnahan says he does not know if anyone at the center has been fired for the sterilization problems in the dental center and surgical unit.

He plans to ask the VA for a follow-up congressional hearing when lawmakers return to Washington.