Coast Guard to protect riverfront during Fair St. Louis

St. Louis, Mo. – If you're planning to view the fireworks of Fair St. Louis from the Mississippi river, you may need to adjust your plans.

The Coast Guard will close all river traffic between the Eads Bridge and the Poplar Street Bridge at various times during the three days of the fair, for security reasons.

The Coast Guard's Chief of Operations, Lieutenant Fred Stipkovitz, says the closings don't mean boaters can't enjoy the fair.

"You'll still be able to watch fireworks from the river, however, you'll need to be above the Eads Bridge or below the Poplar Street Bridge to be able to view the fireworks from the river," Stipkovitz said.

Stipkovitz says boaters outside the security zone should avoid leaving their boats unattended if they want to go ashore.

The Coast Guard is coordinating its security plan with the National Park Service and the St. Louis Police Department.