A Conversation With Mo. Attorney General Candidate Dave Browning

Oct 17, 2012

Host Don Marsh talks with the Libertarian candidate for Missouri Attorney General Dave Browning.

Dave Browning said incumbent Chris Koster has done a decent job “but is an unrepentant liberal.”  He said Republican challenger Ed Martin doesn’t know what he’s doing.  “I think the voters of Missouri need to have a chance to vote for someone who is conservative but not insane,” said Browning.

“Limited government, it’s an attitude.  Chris Koster has an attitude of…expanding government at the expense of a specific group of individuals.  If you have that kind of an attitude you pick a group and you decide they don’t get the same civil rights as everyone else.  The job [of the Attorney General] is to follow the law and keep things in the Constitution,” said Browning.

Programming Note: Republican Ed Martin, candidate for Missouri Attorney General, will be a guest on “St. Louis on the Air” on Wednesday, October 24th.  Incumbent Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster’s campaign has not responded to repeated requests for an interview.