A Conversation With Mo. U.S. Senate Candidate Jonathan Dine

Oct 17, 2012

The path to victory is rarely easy for political candidates and it’s even more difficult for third party candidates.  Host Don Marsh talks with Libertarian Jonathan Dine, candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Missouri.

Show Highlights

“I think it’s possible to win this race if a few more Democrats and Republicans would come my way,”
said Jonathan Dine.

Dine acknowledges that it can be difficult for a third party candidate though he said, “Right now I feel Libertarians are more popular than ever.  People are looking for an alternative to the current political

Programming Note: Republican Representative Todd Akin, candidate for U.S. Senate, will be a guest on “St. Louis on the Air” on Monday, October 22nd.  Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill has not yet confirmed a date.