Ed Martin announces U.S. Senate run | St. Louis Public Radio

Ed Martin announces U.S. Senate run

Jan 31, 2011

Fresh on the heels of his failed bid for U.S. Congress, St. Louis Republican Ed Martin has announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate.

Martin made the announcement via YouTube video today.

So far Martin and former-Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman have announced their intent to run, and there is speculation that others may join the race. Former state Republican party chairwoman Ann Wagner is also high on a list of would-be contenders.

Martin says he feels that primaries are a healthy process and need not hurt the Republican Party:

“I think it will be great.  I mean, the hard part is when competition damages people and gives people false impressions.  But, I’m confident that we can talk about the central issue—size, scope and cost of the federal government.” – Ed Martin

In a statement, Martin highlighted Senator Claire McCaskill’s support of the bank bailouts and President Obama’s healthcare overhaul.