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Executive Director Of LGBT Center Of St. Louis Steps Down

May 6, 2013

The executive director of the LGBT Center of St. Louis stepped down Monday. Leon Braxton Jr. turned in his resignation after the Board of Directors confronted him about personal uses of the organization's money.

Colin Lovett, the president of the board, declined to specify what the money was used for.

"It wasn't a ton," Lovett, the President of the Board said. "It was less than $5,000. They were personal in nature. And so it's somewhat of a personal in nature, that's all the detail we're able to go into at the moment."

The organization provides resources and support to the city's LGBT community.

Lovett says Braxton has been instrumental in growing the center, and that he's always been dedicated to the organization's work.

"The Board has worked out a restitution plan with Mr. Braxton, and we are confident that that is going to work out just fine," Lovett said.

Lovett stressed that donors' money is still in good hands. St. Louis Public Radio reached out to Braxton, who would only refer us to the Board of Directors.

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