Illinois Files First Lawsuit Over 'No Call' Law | St. Louis Public Radio

Illinois Files First Lawsuit Over 'No Call' Law

Springfield, IL – A telemarketer offering vacations and time-shares in the Missouri Ozarks is the first to face a lwsuit in Illinois for violating the "Do Not Call" law.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed the suit against Surrey Vacation Resorts. Madigan spokeswoman Melissa Merz says the telemarketers placed calls from a call center near Springfield, Ill. and one in Missouri that resulted in more than 60 complaints from Illinois households.

"The complaints are taken by the Federal Trade Commission in Washington and entered into a consumer database," Merz said. "And then we are able to access the database and see where the people are from, and most of the complaints were from Illinois."

The suit seeks fines for violating both state and federal laws. The company would not comment on the action.