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Illinois Lawmakers To Take Unpaid Furlough Days

Jun 22, 2013

Illinois lawmakers are going to take a pay cut starting next month.

Gov. Pat Quinn on Saturday signed a bill requiring every member of the General Assembly to take one unpaid furlough day per month in fiscal year 2014, which starts July 1.

The new law also prohibits cost-of-living increases next year for lawmakers and state officials.

The legislation was introduced by state Rep. Michelle Mussman and passed both houses with broad bipartisan support.

The Schaumburg Democrat says lawmakers must share the burden of the state's financial woes.

Illinois has the worst credit rating of any state because of ballooning pension costs. Its pension liability is also the nation's worst — about $97 billion.

Illinois lawmakers earn a base salary of $67,836, and are among the nation's highest-paid state legislators.