Illinois Representative moves to regulate gun sales | St. Louis Public Radio

Illinois Representative moves to regulate gun sales

St. Louis, MO – Democratic Illinois Representative Harry Osterman is trying again to pass a measure that would require an extra background check for private gun sales.

Currently, anyone who has a fire owner's identification, or "FOID" card, can legally sell a gun to anyone else with a FOID card.

Osterman's proposal would require a licensed gun dealer be involved in the transaction. Osterman says it will prevent criminals from being able to purchase guns, because the dealer has to do a background check on the buyer.

"Part of this is if you're a legal, law abiding individual that wants to sell a firearm, I would think you'd want to sell to someone who you have somewhat of a comfort level is not a murderer, not someone who's going to go out and commit a crime." Osterman said.

Critics including the National Rifle Association say it just adds another layer of red tape, and punishes law-abiding gun owners and buyers.