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Kansas Citians

Oct 8, 2016

Jazz Unlimited for October 9 will be preempted in the first hour by the Presidential debate and will resume at  10 pm for “Kansas Citians.”  Not only was it an important the center of a great period in jazz, but also Kansas City and its environs were and remain a nurturing place for the careers of many jazz musicians, including Count Basie, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Pat Metheny, Karrin Allyson and others.  Please note that the first hour of this show will be pre-empted by the Presidential debate.  You can catch the first hour of the show by going the Archive  starting on Monday morning and running for the next week.

There are no photographs this week.

The Archive of this show will be available until the morning of September 17, 2016.  

Here is a video of the Count Basie band playing "Dance of the Gremlins" and "Swingin' the Blues."  Soloists are Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp) Basie (p) and Don Byas (ts).  Note that drummer Jo Jones has hair.  The year was 1941.