Lawyer asks judge to endorse Blagojevich for rehab | St. Louis Public Radio

Lawyer asks judge to endorse Blagojevich for rehab

Dec 14, 2011

Rod Blagojevich's attorneys have asked to have him placed in a drug rehab program when he starts his 14-year prison sentence. They aren't saying if the former Illinois governor has a problem or if it's a legal move.

A judge agreed Tuesday to recommend Blagojevich for the program. Federal prison officials have the final say.

Inmates who complete the program are typically eligible for up to a year's reduction in their sentences. They're also kept separate from a prison's general population.

Blagojevich's attorneys have declined to comment or didn't return messages about their request. Federal officials give greater weight to evidence of drug problems before an arrest in deciding admittance.

Blagojevich was convicted of corruption including trying to sell President Barack Obama's Senate seat.