Let's Play Name That Sound... Of The Galapagos

Jul 9, 2013

Our Véronique LaCapra's trip to the Galapagos Islands has allowed her to see - and hear - things she's never experienced before. Play a little game with us, will you?

This Galapagos mockingbird is pretty good at mimicking other things...

A Galapagos mockingbird.
Credit (Véronique LaCapra/St. Louis Public Radio)

But it's not good enough to make these sounds:

What IS making those grumbling, crunching sounds (nevermind the birds)? And how about that "burp!"

Think of your best guess! Ready? Scroll down to see if you're right - no cheating!


A Galapagos tortoise! Clearly, having a little snack.
Credit (Véronique LaCapra/St. Louis Public Radio)