Local Middle School Team Heads to National Science Bowl

Feb 24, 2014

Students from Sperreng Middle School in the Lindbergh School District will advance to the National Science Bowl after winning the Missouri regional competition Saturday.

The National Science Bowl brings together thousands of high school and middle school students to compete in answering fast-paced questions in physics, math, biology and more. Team coach Julie Roy said this will be the second year Sperreng is heading to nationals in the two years Missouri has opened its regional competition for middle school students.

“They are just so smart," Roy said. "Really, I look at these kids, and I’m just like, ‘Holy cow.’ These are the kids who are going to take care of us in years to come. These are the kids who are going to come up with everything tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty good about our future if it’s in the hands of kids like these.”

The Department of Energy established the National Science Bowl to promote STEM education in America.

The top eight middle school teams at nationals will receive $1,000 for their science departments. The science bowl will be held in Washington, D.C., from April 24 to 28.