Mayors' Report Shows Hunger & Homelessness Up

St. Louis, MO – The U.S. Conference of Mayors is calling on the federal government to help with rising hunger and homelessness in the country. The group released a report today that showed a dramatic increase in demand. The conference polled 25 cities including St. Louis where demand is up by 15-percent for emergency food.

Executive Director of the St. Louis Area Food bank says the new report shows 45-percent of the requests for food help in the city go unmet. Finnegan adds USDA donations in St. Louis have gone down by about 50-percent in the last year.

William Siedhoff, Director of the St. Louis Department of Human Services, says the report shows a 64-percent increase in St. Louis for emergency shelter. He blames the economy. The U.S Conference of Mayors report estimates that 58-percent of the need for shelter in St. Louis goes unmet.