McCaskill writes FTC, urges price fixing probe of U.S. oil refiners

May 17, 2011

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has drafted a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking that an investigation be launched into recent allegations of price fixing of gasoline by U.S. oil refiners.

The letter, a release states, comes after a report in the Kansas City Star "analyzed the ballooning profit margin by oil refiners in recent months."

“At a time when major refiners and oil companies are making record profits and American families continue to struggle with gasoline at record prices, the idea that refiners may be manipulating the market to keep prices artificially high is offensive," McCaskill wrote. "It is incumbent upon the Commission to ensure that the American people are protected from this type of manipulation."

Among others, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, also a Democrat, signed McCaskill's letter to the FTC.