Meth laws in some Mo. communities cause spikes elsewhere, including St. Louis area

Sep 6, 2011

An increasing number of Missouri communities are fighting methamphetamine by requiring prescriptions to purchase cold and allergy pills containing pseudoephedrine - a meth ingredient. But police believe the meth makers are simply going to neighboring towns and counties to get their pills.

Narcotics officers said Tuesday that pseudoephedrine sales are up sharply in some Missouri locations without prescription laws, including St. Louis city and county.

Opponents of prescription laws maintain the vast majority of purchases are by law-abiding citizens, not pill shoppers looking to make the illegal and dangerous drug.

Missouri lawmakers considered a statewide ban this year. It didn't pass, but 47 towns and four counties have adopted their own prescription laws. The sponsor of this year's measure says he will push for a statewide ban again in 2012.