MO campaign contribution limits lifted | St. Louis Public Radio

MO campaign contribution limits lifted

St. Louis, MO. – Starting Thursday Missouri politicians will be able to raise unlimited amounts of cash.

A new law goes into effect that repeals the state's campaign contribution limits just 10 weeks before the November election.

In the state's gubernatorial race Republican Kenny Hulshof stands to benefit from the change.

St. Louis University political science professor Ken Warren says to this point Democrat Jay Nixon has had more in his campaign coffers.

"Hulshof can make up for lost time, in my opinion, despite the fact that Jay Nixon will end up having the financial advantage," Warren said. "Hulshof will be able to attract a lot of money particularly if he's shows that he can win in the polls."

Missouri voters approved campaign contribution limits back in 1994.

The Republican-controlled legislature repealed the limits in 2006, but the Missouri Supreme Court threw out the law based on procedural grounds.

The legislature moved to repeal the limits again last spring.