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Mo. Guard soldiers' info stolen?

Jefferson City, MO – The personal information of up to 2,000 Missouri National Guard soldiers may have been compromised.

Guard officials won't say what type of personal information was compromised or how it happened.

Captain Jamie Melchert says at this point not discussing the specifics will enable investigators to do their jobs.

"We were actually advised by law enforcement not to divulge the specifics on the data and the information that was potentially obtained," Melchert said.

Melchert did say, though, that identity theft is possible with the information in question.

He added that the situation is not the result of a cyber attack from any hostile foreign government.

"Right now the Guard has no reason to believe that this personal information will be exploited, but we are trying to be proactive...every soldier and family that is potentially impacted with this information will be contacted by letter this week," Melchert said.

Soldiers and family members can also call the Missouri National Guard's toll-free hotline: 1-888-526-6664, extension 7888.

Soldiers who are currently deployed can use the Defense Switching Network (DSN) at
312-555-9500, ext. 7888.

Guard officials also say they'll post information on protecting identities to their website: