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Mo. Senate passes plan to shrink House

Apr 21, 2011

A proposed constitutional amendment that would shrink the size of the Missouri House from 163 members to 103 has passed the Missouri Senate.

If it passes both chambers, the measure would go before voters next year.

State Senator Jim Lembke (R, Lemay) says the downsizing would not happen right away.

“It would actually go into effect after the next census, (the) 2020 Census, so it would be the 2022 elections," Lembke said.  "It woudn't affect anybody that's currently serving in the House."

The idea has gotten a cool reception there, where a similar bill has sat inactive for over two months.  The House version, though, would shrink the chamber down to 103 seats by the year 2015, just four years from now. 

“This was an overall effort of right-sizing state government," Lembke said.  "We have the fourth-largest State House in the country, and this would actually save the taxpayers about $5 million a year.”

The Senate version now goes to the Missouri House.


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