Mo. voters head to the polls in tomorrow's municipal elections | St. Louis Public Radio

Mo. voters head to the polls in tomorrow's municipal elections

Apr 4, 2011

St. Louis-area election officials are expecting a relatively low turnout, typical of municipal elections.

The Democratic director of the St. Louis City Board of Elections, Mary Wheeler-Jones, says the City is preparing for 25 to 30 percent of registered voters to show up at the polls.

Wheeler-Jones says that range is probably an overestimate, but she does expect a higher turnout this time than in March’s municipal elections.

"I think more people will be coming out for this election because of Proposition E, and probably because the weather will be more conducive too," Wheeler-Jones said.

If Proposition E passes, it would extend the 1 percent St. Louis City earnings tax for another five years.

Most people in St. Louis County will be doing their voting digitally.

Judge Joseph Goeke is a fan of touch screen voting machines.

The Republican director of elections for St. Louis County says paper ballots will be available at all polling locations, but he expects more than 80 percent of County voters to go digital.

Goeke says in past vote recounts, more mistakes have shown up on paper ballots.

"People put an 'X' instead of filling in the oval, so you know, we might have one vote changed out of 1,500 in a recount in the paper, but votes never change in the touch screen,” Goeke said. “So they're both very accurate but the touch screen is flawless."

Some election watchdog groups have reported problems with the use of touch screen voting machines, saying they can be prone to errors and vulnerable to fraud.