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More Missouri National Guardsmen activated

Jefferson City, MO – Lt. Governor Peter Kinder has called up more National guardsmen as the Mississippi River continues to rise in Northeast Missouri.

115 more guardsmen were activated Tuesday, bringing the total on duty to 359.

They've been deployed to Hannibal, Clarksville, Canton, West Quincy, and Alexandria, to help with security, levee monitoring, and sandbagging operations.

Teri Durdaller is spokesperson for the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

"The city of Alexandria was evacuating, (they were) hoping to get most of their 200 residents out of the area that covered about 50 to 60 homes," Durdaller said.

Officials say crests at Clarksville and Saverton could break records set during the 1993 flood.

"Right now, it's looking pretty bad...we had volunteers who were wonderful and came out over the weekend and helped, and then they did have to return home for work," Durdaller said.

Durdaller also says more volunteers are needed to fill sandbags during the middle of the week.

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder has asked President Bush for an expedited federal disaster declaration.

A voluntary evacuation is also in effect for residents who live along the Mississippi River east of Missouri Highway 79.