Morning headlines: Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 | St. Louis Public Radio

Morning headlines: Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Jul 19, 2011

Joplin tornado contributes to unemployment

Missouri officials say the May 22 tornado in Joplin contributed to the net loss of 13,000 jobs in the state. Joplin alone lost 9,400 jobs in June. The State Department of Economic Development says Missouri’s jobless rate fell from 8.9 percent in May to 8.8 percent in June. In recovery efforts, Gov. Jay Nixon will make a speech Tuesday in Joplin to announce what he calls a “major initiative to address both the near-term and long-term housing needs.”  

High temperatures and low rainfall affect Ill. crops

Over half of Illinois’ corn and soybean crops are in mostly good condition, but the high heat and little rain are beginning to take their toll. University of Illinois agricultural economist Darrel Good says corn production could drop when the heat settles in. Good says the corn is at its best when July temperatures are below average and rainfall is about 25 percent above average. He says deep concern for the crops wouldn’t start until late July and into August.

Flooding continues to disrupt Amtrak services

Flooding is affecting Amtrak passenger train service between St. Louis and Kansas City. Amtrak said Monday it will be extending the suspension of the morning train from St. Louis and the afternoon train from Kansas City until at least July 24. The affected trains are numbers 311 and 316 of the Missouri River Runner Route. The morning 314 train from Kansas City and the afternoon 313 train from St. Louis remain in service.