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New York Bomb Suspect Has Missouri Ties

Oct 18, 2012

Reporting for this story by KRCU’s Jacob McCleland.

The Bangladeshi man who is accused of attempting to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has ties to Missouri. The 21-year old studied at Southeast Missouri State University.

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis took 12 hours of entry level classes at Southeast during the spring 2012 semester. Nafis aspired to study cyber security, but never took any upper level courses.

Transcripts from his Bangladeshi university indicate poor grades, and he did not fare well at Southeast. He did not earn the required 2.0 grade point average needed for his transfer probationary status, and he was suspended.

University President Ken Dobbins says Nafis had no formal student conduct violations.

“The faculty members that we talked to indicated that he would in fact miss some classes," Dobbins said. "But none of them said anything about him being agitated or having emotional kinds of issues.”

FBI investigators assured Dobbins that Southeast Missouri State University was never a terrorist target.

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