Nixon names legislative redistricting panels

Mar 18, 2011

Gov. Jay Nixon has appointed the members of two bipartisan commissions that will redraw Missouri's legislative districts based on the 2010 census.

The Missouri Constitution requires the governor to appoint a panel of five Republicans and five Democrats to redraw state Senate districts, and a panel of nine Democrats and nine Republicans to redraw the House districts.

Nixon made the appointments Friday from lists of nominees provided by state Democratic and Republican party committees. Among the appointees are former Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell, a Democrat, and Ann Wagner, a prominent Republican who is considering a U.S. Senate run.

The commissions have six months to produce new district maps, which must be approved by 70 percent of each panel. Otherwise, the districts will be redrawn by panel of six appeals court judges.

Here's the full list of the members of the commissions (via Nixon's website):

The Senate apportionment commission members, along with their hometown and political affiliations are:

  • John Borbonus (D - St. Louis)
  • Doug Harpool (D - Springfield)
  • John Maupin (R - St. Louis)
  • Jeff Mazur (D - Ashland)
  • Joe Passanise (R - Springfield)
  • Terry Riley (D - Kansas City)
  • Miles Ross (R - Springfield)
  • Bob Saunders (D - Liberty)
  • Kathy Swan (R - Cape Girardeau)
  • Yancy Williams (R - Columbia)

The House apportionment commission members, along with their congressional district, hometown and political affiliation are:

  • Marlene E. Davis (D - First Congressional District, St. Louis)
  • Thomas Wilsdon (R - First Congressional District, St. Louis)
  • Cheryl Hibbeler (D - Second Congressional District, O'Fallon)
  • Ann Wagner (R - Second Congressional District, Ballwin)
  • David Courtway (R - Third Congressional District, Festus)
  • Jo Ann Karll (D - Third Congressional District, High Ridge)
  • Violet Corbett (R - Fourth Congressional District, Knob Noster)
  • Paula Willmarth (D - Fourth Congressional District, Jefferson City)
  • Chuck Caisley (R - Fifth Congressional District, Kansas City)
  • W. Mitchell Elliott (D - Fifth Congressional District, Kansas City)
  • Trent Skaggs (D - Sixth Congressional District, North Kansas City)
  • James C. Thomas III (R - Sixth Congressional District, Kansas City)
  • Nick Myers (R - Seventh Congressional District, Joplin)
  • Todd Patterson (D - Seventh Congressional District, Joplin)
  • Eddy Justice (R - Eighth Congressional District, Poplar Bluff)
  • Nate Kennedy (D - Eighth Congressional District, Poplar Bluff)
  • Joe Maxwell (D - Ninth Congressional District, Mexico)
  • Cindy O'Laughlin (R - Ninth Congressional District, Shelbina)

Under the Missouri Constitution, the commissions will hold their first meetings in Jefferson City on April 5, 2011.