Nixon Spokesman Says Work Continues On Options For Reopening Arch, Other NPS Sites

Oct 16, 2013

A spokesman for Governor Jay Nixon (D) says his office is continuing to explore options on how to reopen the Gateway Arch and other National Park Service sites in Missouri.

Press Secretary Scott Holste, in response to an email from St. Louis Public Radio's Marshall Griffin, said that the Governor's office has been working with the U.S. Department of the Interior on finding the best way to reopen National Park properties.  Holste also said they've been conducting an "economic analysis overview" due to the financial impact of the government shutdown on visits to National Park sites.  Holste's statement closes by saying the best solution is for the federal government to "get moving again so these sites reopen as quickly as possible."

Utah, Arizona, Colorado, South Dakota and New York have reopened several national park sites during the shutdown using state funds.

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