Number Of Deer Killed In Firearms Season Up In Mo. | St. Louis Public Radio

Number Of Deer Killed In Firearms Season Up In Mo.

Nov 25, 2012

Credit (via Missouri Department of Conservation/Amy Nold)

Missouri hunters killed more than 204,000 deer during the recently completed firearms deer hunt, with the best success found south of the Missouri River.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says three people were killed and five wounded in firearms-related incidents during the season, which ran from Nov. 10 through Nov. 20.

The hunt was especially strong in the southern part of the state because a poor acorn crop drove deer to find other food sources, making them easy prey for hunters.


Fair weather and drought conditions hurt the numbers in the north. Buchanan County conservation agent Dave Carlisle says lower deer populations also are to blame.

Conservation officials say deer hunting contributes about $1 billion annually to state and local economies and supports more than 12,000 jobs in Missouri.