Olympic Torch Will Be Run Through St. Louis

St. Louis – St. Louis will be one of just 34 cities in the world and just four in the U.S. to host the International Olympic Torch Relay in June.

More than 100 runners will pass the flame along a 30-mile route through the region as the torch makes its way to Athens, Greece.

St. Louis Sports Commission president Frank Viverito said the event will be historic.

"It's not just looking back on our history, but it's looking ahead," Viverito said. "Because future Olympic events in this region can make a very significant difference to us in terms of national visibility, economic impact and prestige. This is a designation that can work for us."

In 1904, St. Louis was the first American city to host the modern Olympics.

The torch will also pass through Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York because those sites have also hosted Olympics.