Protests and Counter-Protests for War in St. Charles | St. Louis Public Radio

Protests and Counter-Protests for War in St. Charles

St. Charles, Missouri – Police closed about one mile of Highway 94 in St. Charles yesterday afternoon as anti-war protesters marched from Dusable Park to a Boeing plant.

Between 250 and 300 protesters carried cardboard coffins as they participated in a mock funeral procession. 43-year-old Derek Hildreth was one of 14 who was eventually arrested by police and charged with obstructing traffic as he blocked the Boeing gate.

I knew that I needed to get arrested. I spent the whole week trying to talk myself out of it," Hildreth said. "But in order to make changes, in my opinion, you have to get noticed. And walking in the streets and protesting is helpful. Everybody has to do their part, Hildreth added.

The St. Charles Boeing plant makes weapons that are being used to fight the war against Iraq.

Across the street from the plant, about 80 counter-protesters held American flags and placards that read God bless our troops.

Several counter protesters shouted profanity and urged the anti-war group to leave the country.