Romney speaks to NRA at Edward Jones Dome | St. Louis Public Radio

Romney speaks to NRA at Edward Jones Dome

Apr 13, 2012

Speaking in downtown St. Louis at the NRA's Leadership Forum today, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney emphasized his commitment to protecting the Second Amendment.  

But Romney's record on gun control is a tough sell for some members of the influential conservative group.  St. Louis native and NRA member Ed McNees says he can't trust Romney because he supported banning assault rifles while running for office in Massachusetts. 

"He's down here to get these people to support him under false pretenses as far as I'm concerned," Romney said. "And, they're going to end up giving their hard earned money to a candidate that's not telling them the truth." Romney joined the NRA in 2007 during his first bid for president. Today, he told NRA members he'd stand up for the rights of hunters and those protecting their families.