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Senate votes down McCaskill ban on earmarks

Feb 2, 2012

Senator Claire McCaskill says she is disappointed that a permanent ban on earmarks failed in the U.S. Senate Thursday.

The Missouri Democrat and a Republican colleague, Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania, attempted to attach the ban as an amendment to a bill outlawing insider trading by Congress. The attempt fell short of the 60 votes needed.

In a recorded statement provided by the Senator's office, McCaskill called earmarking a flawed process.

"Earmarking allows people who have lobbyists and special connections to get special projects funded, as opposed to the merit of the project," McCaskill said. "I know Missouri can compete for federal dollars based on merit."

McCaskill says she is pleased the current temporary ban on earmarks has been extended until 2013.

In a statement, Republican Roy Blunt said he voted against the permanent ban because it would turn all decision-making over to President Obama and unelected bureaucrats.