Shimkus Discusses Recent NATO Meeting | St. Louis Public Radio

Shimkus Discusses Recent NATO Meeting

St. Louis, Mo. – Illinois Congressman John Shimkus says the threat of international terrorism was a major discussion item at last week's meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Prague.

Shimkus, who serves as a delegate from the US to the Assembly, presented a report on the war on terrorism to the Defense and Security Committee. He says terrorism is still the number one threat to the world's residents.

"All the countries feat apocalyptic terrorism organizations and they fear weapons of mass destruction," Shimkus said. "We did get into the debate about Iraq and whether they had it or whether they didn't but outside of Iraq there's still a fear of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction."

Shimkus says the future of NATO will be secure if the organization concentrates on its mission of collective self defense.