Snow Storm Leaves Region; MO-DOT Clears Roads | St. Louis Public Radio

Snow Storm Leaves Region; MO-DOT Clears Roads

St. Louis, MO – Crews in Missouri and Illinois have worked through the night to remove the snow that fell on the region this weekend.

The snow stopped falling last night, but Mo-DOT's Mike Fitzpatrick says there were still some slippery side roads and bridges in the area this morning.

The conditions caused six traffic deaths this weekend in Missouri and two in Illinois. For a time on Saturday night, police in St. Louis say they couldn't keep up with the accidents and there weren't enough ambulances to get the injured to hospitals. Some travelers were stranded at Lambert Airport because airports in the East were closed with heavy snows.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich cancelled a trip to Tamaroa Sunday because of the weather. The Governor was to meet with residents who were evacuated last Sunday because of a train derailment that leaked hazardous chemicals. There's no word on when he'll reschedule.